Register with CERN HR

CERN HR Account

CERN requires everyone who is part of ATLAS to be registered with CERN HR

  1. Download and complete the ATLAS registration form.
    • CERN OFFICE: 104-1b-018
    • CERN PHONE NUMBER: 78946
  2. Get the form signed by your Australian CERN Team Leader (eg. Geoff Taylor)
  3. Scan the following documents to include in the email below (there is a scanner in the CoEPP common room):
    1. your completed ATLAS registration form
    2. your passport
  4. Send the following email with your attached scans to
    Dear ATLAS Secretariat,
    I am a new researcher/student in Australia, working on the ATLAS project.
    Can you please set me up with:
        1. ATLAS VO Membership
        2. A computing account
    I have attached scans of the completed ATLAS registration form and my passport.
    Thank you very much.
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