Laptop Presentation Information

This page describes how to put the output from your laptop onto overhead projector in the boardroom


  • Turn the AV system on by locating the touch control panel (it is on the bench opposite the boardroom entrance, it will appear to be off). Touch the screen (twice) to active, the first time you touch it you will see the prompt to touch it again:

  • You will be presented with the following default screen (should you be on a different screen you can simply touch the Computer icon in the top left corner to return to this screen):

  • You should now connect your laptop to one of the two cables (VGA or HDMI) - for best results we recommend HDMI (If you really need DVI come and speak to Sean or Lucien))

HDMI cable and mini displayport adaptorVGA cable, audio cable and mini displayport adaptor

  • If you are using a MacBook laptop there should be white adaptor leads that convert VGA or HDMI into Mini DisplayPort (as shown in the photos above). If you want sound to go to the room speakers and you are using the VGA cable, you will also need to plug the 3.5mm audio jack connected to the VGA cable into your headphone out socket on your laptop. (Please note that HDMI cables send both video and audio so you don't need a separate audio cable [in fact you can't use a separate audio cable when HDMI is selected]. You might need to set your audio output in your computer to go to the HDMI connection though.)
  • You can now choose the source to send to the projector from the touch control panel. Choose either Laptop-VGA or Laptop-HDMI depending on which cable you've connected to your laptop

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