Video Conference with Boardroom PC Information

This page describes how to join a video conference using boardroom PC onto overhead projector in the boardroom


  • Turn the AV system on by locating the touch control panel (it is on the bench opposite the boardroom entrance, it will appear to be off). Touch the screen (twice) to active, the first time you touch it you will see the prompt to touch it again:
  • You will be presented with the following default screen (should you be on a different screen you can simply touch the Computer icon in the top left corner to return to this screen):

  • You can now choose the source to send to the projector from the touch control panel. Touch the Room PC button (it will appear red when selected):

  • The overhead projector should now be displaying the output from the boardroom PC onto the wall
  • To enable the video capture features click on the “Enable VC” button:

  • By default the boardroom PC will start receiving the input from the cameras in the boardroom.

SeeVogh Software Configuration

  • Launch Seevogh by clicking once on the Seevogh icon on the desktop (single click has been enabled to launch applications):
  • The boardroom PC is configured to automatically login to SeeVogh research network with the account coeppmelb (the password has been saved in the configuration).
  • Find the meeting you are supposed to join from the list of meetings in the SeeVogh window. Click the meeting to join it (some may need you to type in a password, you will need to get this from the meeting organiser - generally included in the meeting email sent to you.)
  • Click the camera icon to start sending the boardroom video to the SeeVogh meeting.
  • If all you see is a black output from “CoEPP Melbourne” you might need to adjust the video settings.
  • The correct video settings can be set by clicking on the down arrow next to the camera icon and choosing “Intensity Pro → HDMI → 1920×1080 (HD1080i50)
  • Click the microphone icon to enable sending the boardroom microphone audio to the SeeVogh Meeting
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