Welcome to the Research Computing Cloud System

This page is your entry point to the Tier 3 cloud. In this page you will find documentation about the cloud system organised in the following way:

  • Cloud System for Users
  • Cloud System for Sys Admins
  • Developers Resources
  • Useful Links

For any question please contact


Login Node
Usable Cores 600
Storage 20TB NFS /data (
300TB CephFS /coepp/cephfs
Memory 4GB/core

Cloud System for Users

  • Getting Started
    • Cloud System Overview: This is a simple introduction to use of the cloud.
    • Talks: Presentations on how to use the cloud.
    • Data Staging Examples: Subsequent to the introduction, this describes the details of transferring your job data to and from the cloud compute nodes.
  • Useful Utilities
    • Combo: It is a utility that can be used to generate parameterized files or batch job scripts.
  • Recipes: Example job scripts for real-life (or contrived, but applicable) situations to be added here, for reference for similar jobs in the future:
  • For Adelaide users: How to submit a cloud job to process data in /working.
  • Sitemap - an index of all wiki pages under cloud
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