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 </​code>​ </​code>​
-This idea was found [[​3173131/​redirect-copy-of-stdout-to-log-file-from-within-bash-script-itself|here]].+This idea was found  
 +[[​gfe_rd=ctrl&​ei=WmwqU7bhNOzC8gfjn4G4Cw&​gws_rd=cr#​q=redirect+COPY+of+stdout+to+log+file|on the 'net]].
 === Pre-userdata text === === Pre-userdata text ===
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 The known problems (14 Jan 2014) are listed below. The known problems (14 Jan 2014) are listed below.
-=== dynamictorque '​runaway'​ === 
-For the last month or so, a '​runaway'​ behaviour has been noticed in dynamictorque (DT). 
-This is shown as a constant desire by DT to increase the number of dynamic cores in use 
-even though there appears to be no need for extra cores. 
-This graph shows the problem on 8 January, 2014: 
-Note that after 0900 the number of dynamic cores keeps increasing, even though there are 
-no queued jobs and no batch jobs running. 
-This may have been noted previously as the reluctance to release unused cores. ​ It may have been that 
-DT was unsuccessfully trying to increase the number of cores because it was asking for N core VMs and 
-OpenStack was unable to supply that many cores in one VM.  This state is defined by showing a 
-non-zero number of cores being deleted and at the same time trying to start more cores. ​ This is the 
-state after about 1300 hours in the above graph. 
-This behaviour of trying to increase the number of cores when not required and a reluctance to release 
-unneeded cores can be seen in the graphs for Jan 2014 12/11/10 and Dec 2013 31/​23/​19/​14/​11/​9/​3. 
-This '​runaway'​ state appears to be triggered by activity in the batch system as days with no activity 
-can pass without DT trying to increase the number of cores. 
 ===== “cannot find user” errors ===== ===== “cannot find user” errors =====
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