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CoEPP Computing Operational Circular (COC)

The CoEPP Computing Operational Circular (COC) requires that users comply with specific rules applicable to services that they use. Users must follow the operational procedures that are in force and the instructions of the service managers. Service managers may withdraw right of access to their service in order to resolve operational problems or in case of failure to comply with these rules.


1. This operational circular defines the rules for the use of 'CoEPP computing facilities'.

2. For the purpose of this circular, the term “CoEPP computing facilities” includes:

  • a) all personal computers, work stations, servers and peripheral systems such as printers, directly or indirectly connected to any CoEPP network, including any CoEPP telecommunications network;
  • b) all other computers and on and off-site networks partially or wholly funded by CoePP;
  • c) all support services, program libraries, applications and other software, document or service running on or related to any of the computers and above-mentioned networks, and all electronic mail and Internet services supported by CoEPP computing facilities.

3. For the purpose of this circular, the term “user” means any person making use of CoEPP computing facilities.

4. Infringement of the provisions of this circular, and in particular any improper or malicious use of CoEPP computing facilities, may cause material and/or moral damage to the Organization and serious problems for users of these facilities and may jeopardize computer security at CoEPP.

Basic principles

5. Authorization to use CoEPP computing facilities is at the discretion of the CoEPP Research Computing Team and node directors.

6. CoEPP computing facilities are intended for the attainment of the Organization's aims. Their use must come within the professional duties of the user. The scope of personal use of the CoEPP computing facilities is specified in the Annex.

7. The use of CoEPP computing facilities must cause no material or moral damage to the Organization, nor disrupt their operation.

8. CoEPP computing facilities must be used in conformity with :

  • a) the present rules;
  • b) special instructions which one of the CoEPP Research Computing managers may draw up in a particular case.

9. Although the Organization endeavours to maintain and protect its computing facilities, it cannot guarantee their proper functioning or the confidentiality of information stored by them. CoEPP therefore accepts no liability for any loss of information or any breach of confidentiality.

Users' access to accounts and data

10. Accounts, whether single or shared access, may only be used for the purpose for which they have been allocated to the user.

11. All accounts must have appropriate access protection, such as account codes or passwords.

12. The user shall take the necessary precautions to protect his personal computer or work station against unauthorized access. The user shall also protect details of his personal account, particularly by avoiding obvious passwords and shall not divulge his passwords to any third party. Upon request from the CoEPP Research Computing Team Security, the user shall select a new password.

13. The user must keep confidential all information obtained from access to CoEPP computing facilities that the user may reasonably be expected to understand is confidential or sensitive in nature.

14. The user shall not seek unauthorized access to accounts which have access protection and shall not look for, disclose or exploit any security weaknesses in the CoEPP computing facilities or use these facilities to do so with respect to any other computing facilities.

15. The user must report any unauthorized use of his personal computer, work station or accounts to the CoEPP Research Computing team.

16. Users shall respect the proprietary rights related to CoEPP computing facilities, including software copyrights.

Third party access to users' accounts and data

17. The CoEPP Research Computing Team shall have access to information contained in CoEPP computing facilities. Such access is subject to the following conditions :

  • a) The above-mentioned persons shall not exchange among themselves information acquired thereby unless it is expressly required for the execution of their duties at CERN.
  • b) Access must always be consistent with the professional duties of the abovementioned persons and is only permitted for :
    • i) the resolution of problems affecting CoEPP computing facilities, including upgrades or the installation of new facilities;
    • ii) the detection of computer security weaknesses or computer security violations;
    • iii) the monitoring of resources available to ensure the adequacy of CoEPP computing facilities;
    • iv) the investigation of a suspected infringement of this circular by a user;
    • v) the reallocation of access to or deletion of accounts when a user's relation with CoEPP is terminated or when his activities are no longer compatible with the aims of the Organization;
    • vi) the normal operations of the organic unit of the user where the absence of the user would seriously interfere with operations.

Liability and sanctions

18. The user concerned shall be liable for damage resulting from any infringement of the present circular.

19. In such cases, and as a general rule, the CoEPP Research Computing Team, shall inform the user concerned and explain the nature of the problem that has been detected or of the infringement that has been identified. If the incident occurs again, the user concerned shall be notified in writing by one of the above persons which of the provisions of this circular have not been correctly applied.

20. In the event of repeated infringement following the measures provided for under §19 above, or at any time when justified by the seriousness of the infringement, the Organization may withdraw access rights to CoEPP computing facilities from the user concerned and/or initiate disciplinary and/or legal proceedings against him.


Rules for personal use

1. The following rules cover personal use of CoEPP computing facilities.

2. Personal use is defined as any use which does not come within the professional duties of the user.

3. Personal use of the computing facilities is tolerated or allowed provided : a) It is in compliance with the present operational circular and not detrimental to official duties, including those of other users; b) the frequency and duration is limited and there is a negligible use of CoEPP resources; c) it does not constitute a political, commercial and/or profit-making activity; d) it is not inappropriate or offensive; e) it does not violate applicable laws.

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