CoEPP Display Wall

Display Computer Details

The machines are numbered from left to right:

username coepp
password vetoraf
VNC password vetoraf

The four mac mini's controlling each of the displays can be accessed by using the mac mini in the common area to the left of the displays. Run the application “chicken” and then connect to the VNC interfaces configured on each of the Mac Minis. The password is provided above for both the VNC connection and to log into the coepp account.

CoEPP Common Computers

Machine coeppmm-common coeppmm-basement spare
EVO Username coeppmm-common coeppmm-basement uommini2 coeppmelb
EVO Password vetoraf vetoraf vetoraf vetoraf
EVO Name CoEPP Melb (Common) CoEPP Melb (EPP) CoEPP Melb (L7 Tele) CoEPP Melbourne

Local accounts on all of the above machines are:

username coepp
password vetoraf


There are two permanent EVO meeting rooms in the EVO@AU community:

Room Name in EVO@AU Password
CoEPP Virtual Seminar Room lhc12
CoEPP Virtual Common Room lhc12

Each of the Mac Mini's wishing to connect to EVO needs to have their own EVO account (an EVO account can only log in to the system once and will kick other connections off). (See table above for the account name allocations)

Google Apps Account

To more easily share links across the chrome web browsers installed on each of the mac minis we have created a CoEPP Google Apps account for each of the mac minis to log into:

Google Apps Account name
Google Apps Password vetorafcoepp

There are also two other Google Apps accounts used to register against EVO accounts:

Account Name Password EVO login associated
coeppmacmini vetorafcoepp coeppmm-common
uommacmini2 vetorafcoepp uommini2
coeppmm-basement vetorafcoepp coeppmm-basement

Automatic webpage reloads with iframe

It was requested that the webpage be reloaded periodically. A file called reload_coepp.html was created with this content:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="600">
<iframe frameborder=0 height="100%" width="100%" src=""></iframe>

This will reload the page every 10 minutes.

Video Streaming

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