Request a CERN Grid User certificate with the firefox browser

  1. click the “New Grid User Certificate” tab and the following request screen appears
  2. Ensure you follow the on screen instructions and select “High Grade” before clicking the “SUBMIT” button
  3. You will almost immediately be presented with the download screen
  4. Clicking the link will install your grid user certificate into your browser

Exporting your certificate for use on the UI servers

  1. Go to firefox preferences (on Mac press command-, or use the various menubar methods):
  2. In the “Your Certificates Tab” your new CERN Grid User Certificate will show up with your full name, select it:
  3. Click on the “Backup…” button to export the certificate onto your hard disk.
  4. Choose a secure passphrase that only you know. REMEMBER IT because this cannot be recovered.
  5. choose a file name “usercert.p12” and select your “Downloads” directory asto indicate it is a pkcs12 file type containing both your certificate and your private key
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