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 <​code>​ <​code>​
 $ setupATLAS $ setupATLAS
-...Type localSetupAGIS ​to setup AGIS +lsetup ​              ​lsetup <​tool1>​ [ <​tool2> ​...] (see lsetup -h): 
-...Type localSetupAtlantis to setup Atlantis + ​lsetup agis          ATLAS Grid Information System 
-...Type localSetupDQ2Client to use DQ2 Client + ​lsetup asetup ​       (or asetup) ​to setup an Athena release 
-...Type localSetupEIClient to setup EIClient + lsetup atlantis ​     ​Atlantis: event display 
-...Type localSetupFAX to use FAX + lsetup eiclient ​     Event Index 
-...Type localSetupGanga to use Ganga + lsetup emi           EMI: grid middleware user interface 
-...Type localSetupGcc to use alternate gcc + lsetup ganga         Ganga: job definition and management client 
-...Type localSetupPacman to use Pacman + lsetup lcgenv ​       lcgenv: setup tools from cvmfs SFT repository 
-...Type localSetupPandaClient to use Panda Client + lsetup panda         Panda: Production ANd Distributed Analysis 
-...Type localSetupPyAMI to setup pyAMI + lsetup pod           Proof-on-Demand (obsolete) 
-...Type localSetupPoD to setup Proof-on-Demand + ​lsetup pyami         ​pyAMI:​ ATLAS Metadata Interface python client 
-...Type localSetupROOT to setup (standalone) ROOT + ​lsetup root          ​ROOT data processing framework 
-...Type localSetupDQ2Wrappers to setup DQ2Wrappers + lsetup rucio         ​distributed data management system client 
-...Type localSetupSFT to setup SFT packages + lsetup sft           setup tools from SFT repo (use lcgenv instead) 
-...Type localSetupXRootD to setup XRootD + lsetup xcache ​       ​XRootD ​local proxy cache 
-...Type showVersions to show versions of installed software + lsetup xrootd ​       XRootD data access 
-...Type asetup to setup a release (changeASetup to change asetup version) +advancedTools ​       advanced tools menu 
-...Type rcSetup to setup an ASG release (changeRCSetup to change rcSetup ver.) +diagnostics ​         diagnostic tools menu 
-...Type ​diagnostics ​for diagnostic tools +helpMe ​              ​more help 
-...Type ​helpMe ​for more help +printMenu ​           show this menu 
-...Type ​printMenu ​to show this menu +showVersions ​        show versions of installed software 
 +31 Oct 2018 
 +  Standalone ROOT version 6.14.04 is now the Linux default. 
 +    (Usage: showVersions root).
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 <​code>​ <​code>​
-localSetupRucioClients+$ lsetup rucio
 ************************************************************************ ************************************************************************
-Setting up rucio-clients version 0.3.9+Requested: ​ rucio ... 
 + Setting up emi 3.17.1-1.el6umd4v5 ... 
 + ​Setting up rucio 1.18.2 ...
 Info: Setting compatibility to slc6 Info: Setting compatibility to slc6
 Info: Set RUCIO_AUTH_TYPE to x509_proxy Info: Set RUCIO_AUTH_TYPE to x509_proxy
-Info: Set RUCIO_ACCOUNT to goncalo+Do you want to set the RUCIO_ACCOUNT to lucien (y/n)?y 
 +To avoid this question, you should set the environment variable RUCIO_ACCOUNT or have a valid grid proxy 
 +Info: Set RUCIO_ACCOUNT to lucien 
 +>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>​ Information for user <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<​ 
 + ​emi:​ 
 +   No valid proxy present. ​ Type "​voms-proxy-init -voms atlas"
 ************************************************************************ ************************************************************************
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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