Presenter Venue Date Title File
Noel Dawe Analysis Meeting 4 May 2015 ROOT Numpy 20150504-rootnumpy.html
Goncalo Borges RC Users Forum 30 April 2015GitLab - Part220150430-gitlab2.pdf
Goncalo Borges RC Users Forum 30 April 2015X Permanent Remote Applications 20150430-xpra.pdf
Sean Crosby RC Users Forum 24 March 2015SSFS / Kerberos 20150324-sshfskerberos.pdf
Goncalo Borges RC Users Forum 24 March 2015GitLab - Part120150324-gitlab-part1.pdf
Goncalo Borges CoEPP Summer School 17 February 2015Resources to help you achieve your scientific goals20150217-coepp2015graduatesummerschool_v4.pdf
Sean Crosby RC Users Forum 27 November 2014Introduction to RC systems sean_crosby_20141127.pdf
Goncalo Borges Melbourne CoEPP Lunch Meetings 20 November 2014 Computing Services for Scientific Research (e-Science)20141120-coepp_thursdayslunchmeeting.pdf
Lucien Boland VCE Work Experience 26 June 2014 Introduction to Grid Computing (VCE Work Experience kids) (Without videos) 2014_work_experience2.pptx
Antonio Limosani 31 March 2014 Using the CoEPP Cloud Cluster - new storage coepp_rc_tutorial_20140331.pdf
Antonio Limosani Melbourne CoEPP Lunch Meetings 15 August 2014)Using the CoEPP Cloud Cluster coepplunch_20130815.pdf
Sean Crosby 15 August 2012 SSH tutorial 20120815_sean_crosby_ssh.ppt
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