Melbourne T3

Accounts / Authentication

Melbourne Tier 3 uses the CoEPP central authentication service. You will need to apply for a CoEPP central account to gain access to this resource:

Network Access

The Melbourne Tier 3 servers are on a Research Network only subnet. This means that you will not be able to access these hosts from many commercial ISPs (ie. you will probably not be able to ssh into them from your home internet connection)

To gain access to these nodes from commercial networks should first ssh into the School of Physics gateway server:

gateway server

Note: The gateway server is controlled by Physics IT and uses the Physics IT authentication server (so the password may be different to your CoEPP password).

Interactive Nodes

Melbourne's Tier 3 nodes can all be used to login and run interactive jobs on. However note that agu{2,3,4} are primarily batch nodes and will be heavily loaded when the batch queues are being used. also known as

Torque/Maui Configuration 4 job slots 16 job slots 16 job slots 16 job slots
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