Latex issues

I can't find file `pgflibrarytikzpositioning.code.tex'.


  • Are you getting this error when trying to compile your latex document?


Thanks to Sean and

  • RHEL6/SL6/CENTOS6 has a very old version of PGF installed you will need to get a more recent version and install it into your own texmf directory
  • Get the latest version of the PGF software into your home directory on the UI (or at least a more recent version of PGF:
[/home/lucien] $ mkdir texmf
[/home/lucien] $ cd texmf
[/home/lucien/texmf] $ mv ~/ .
[/home/lucien/texmf] $ unzip
[/home/lucien/texmf] $ ls
doc  source  tex
 [/home/lucien/texmf] $ rm
[/home/lucien/texmf] $ mktexlsr .
[/home/lucien/texmf] $ ls
doc  ls-R  source  tex
  • Your latex should now pick up this local version of the PGF library.
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