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 +====== Proof On Demand ======
 +Proof on Demand is a facility to send ROOT jobs via Proof to worker nodes instantiated by our batch system. More information is here - [[http://​​]]
 +===== Simple config =====
 +localSetupPoD PoD-3.16p1-python2.7-x86_64-slc6-gcc48-boost1.55
 +pod-server start
 +pod-submit -r pbs -n 2 -q short
 +pod-info -l  # wait until you see at least one slot (requested 2 slots)
 +# run the proof bench job as described here: 
 +# https://​​bin/​view/​AtlasCanada/​ATLASLocalRootBase#​Using_PROOF_on_Demand_PoD
 +# TProofBench pb("​pod://"​)
 +# (etc)
 +# exit root
 +pod-server stop
 +===== Changes needed for the Cloud =====
 +The default setup makes the PoD work area in /home. This won't work on the Cloud, as /home isn't mounted on the worker nodes.
 +Changes are needed to ~/​.PoD/​PoD.cfg
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