Managing User Accounts

This page documents the process of managing user accounts:

  • Creating a new account
  • Modifying an existing account
  • Deleting an account

At the moment (2014) we do all of the above with GOsa. To access GOsa go to You will need to login with your CoEPP credentials.


After you have logged in, you see the initial screen which contains:

From here you may manage user accounts and groups. Here we only talk about managing users.

To manage users, click on the Users link or the users icon (highlighted in red above). You will now see a list of users:

Creating A New Account

Before creating a new user, make sure you have the required user information:

  • Given name
  • Family name
  • Email address

Once you have all that, you must decide on the login name for this user. The naming conventions used at various sites around the country differ. You should follow the convention at the user's site.

Once you have decide on a name, check GOsa to ensure that the login name is unique. The simplest way is to search for the name. Suppose we have a new user with the name John Doe. We choose the login name of jdoe and put this name into the search box and press the search button:

If you see any search results, that name is already in use and you must choose another.

Once you have decided on a login name, you may create the user's account. You do this by selecting the Actions | Create | User drop-down menu:

On the first screen you select a template for this user. This should be chosen from the user's location (the example shows Adelaide). Then enter the user's family and given names and press the Continue button:

Enter the user's login name, and again press the Continue button:

You are now presented with a more complex screen with many possible fields. You only need to fill in the user's email address and then press the OK button:

Now you must set the new user's password. This password should be considered temporary as the user will be urged to change it when first logging in. Enter the password you have chosen and written down:

After you have pressed the Set Password button you will again see the user list page with the new user listed:

You have created the new user account!

Now you need to send email to the new user saying that their account has been created. This email should contain the user's login name and password, as well as pointers to the wiki pages that document everything a user needs to know to use the cloud.

Creating The User's /home Directories

As of early 2014, the creation of /home directories for the user are not automated through GOsa. Send email to asking for /home directories to be created for the new user.

Modifying An Account

You may need to modify some details of a user account. This includes things like:

  • Correcting an incorrect email address
  • Changing a user's password
  • etc

Changing User Details

To change any details of a user's account beside their password, select the row for the user (the checkbox at the left) and select Actions | Edit from the drop-down menu:

You may also edit a user account by double-clicking on the text in the Surname, Given name or Login fields. Do not click on any icons at the right of a row!

Once you see the user account details screen you may add, delete or change any fields except the Login name:

When you are finished, select one of the OK, Apply or Cancel buttons.

Changing A User Password

It is possible that a user will forget their password, so you will have to set their password to a known string and then email the new password to them.

Login to GOsa as before and then click on the “bunch of keys” icon at the right of the user data row:

You will see the “set password” screen you saw when creating a user account:

Press the Set Password key when finished, then email the new password to the user.

Deleting An Account

When a user account is no longer required, you delete it. If you are pressed for time you may lock an account so it can't be used (click the small lock icon in the Actions column), but you should delete it sometime.

Find the row for the account to be deleted and click on the red icon at the right side of the Actions column:

You will now see a (fairly cryptic) screen saying Are you really sure?:

Carefully check the uid= field for the login name of the account you are deleting. When satisfied, press the Delete button to delete the account.

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